Care Suggestions

Feltboard Wall Decor

(aka Decorative Pin Board / Pinboard Wall Decor)
Blot spills from fabric quickly. Wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing, and excessive amounts of water as this affects the finish. Use carpet or upholstery shampoo as directed. Blot with a clean, dry cloth after each application of the solution.

100% Pure New Wool Felt Tableware

We manufacture our placemats using 100% pure new wool felt that does not contain chemical additives or recycled textiles. The proportion of natural wool fat and the density of the material prohibit a quick penetration of dirt or liquids.
It is recommended to blot spills from fabric as soon as possible.

Hand wash (recommended)

It is our recommendation to wash the placemats by hand under clean running water or in a tub using a soft brush in combination with shampoo or a wool wash detergent. Please use only fat replenishing soaps, like shampoos or wool wash detergents, when cleaning the felt products to avoid a reduction of the natural fat content of the wool. The wool fat in your felt products has the effect of a natural dirt protection as it prohibits liquids to penetrate the material.  After completely rinsing the soap liquid – lay the sets or coasters flat on a towel and leave them drying. Light steaming with iron flattens the surface of the felt.

Machine Wash

There you have to be careful. Choose the wool wash programme with a reduced or preferably no spinning cycle using a wool wash liquid. After washing, lay mats or coasters flat on a towel. A light steaming with the iron afterwards is recommended here as well.
If you clean the placemat regularly in the washing machine the following changes might occur:
- Slight shrinkage (approx. 1 cm).
- Slight disfigurement and rounding of the edges.
- The surface of the material might look a bit more wrinkly compared to new pieces.
Although it does not lead to the product being destroyed, you should know about the changes. If you do not like the above changes, please avoid washing machine cleaning!
Please take note that the above changes are unavoidable when using the washing machine and, thus, are no reason for complaint.


Can be dry-cleaned.